Volkswagen ID – the phoenix rising from the ashes of dieselgate?

Volkswagen have a reputation issue. If you’ve paid any attention to the news at all in the last few years you’ll have inevitably heard about VW and their diesel issues. VW installed “cheat” devices onto their diesel models, to give artifically low emission readings while being tested, then allowing higher levels of emissions during day-to-day driving. Understandably a lot of people have lost faith in VW, especially if you were one of those diesel owners.

With diesel being seen as a bad choice VW have pushed their full weight behind their electric roadmap with the ID being the first car from this range. There’s already been a VW eGolf, but this is the first model built from the ground up to be a pure EV so shouldn’t carry any of the ICE baggage of previous models.


VW are officially announcing some stats around the new car, with it being confirmed to have a range of between 205 miles and 311+ miles (330KM and 500+KM) (WLTP) and costing around the price of a standard diesel Golf.


VW are currently teasing their new ID model by letting EV focused journalists such as Robert Llewellyn at Fully Charged test drive it in South Africa. From their first reports the car is good to drive, very quiet and efficient. It’s also confirmed as being rear wheel drive which should add some sportiness to the car vs the more subdued front wheel drive Golf.


Due on sale in 2020 it’s not too far down the line until we have more and more VW pure electric models launching. Will this turn the tables on VW’s tarnished brand image? Would you be persuaded to buy one, or prefer something from a more saintly Kia, Hyundai or Tesla?

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