Dyson, a new challenger in the electric car market – so what can they add?

logo-dyson copy

Dyson, more famed for their colourful vacuum cleaners and superfast hand dryers, are the latest challenger to the electric car market. So far only the smallest tidbits of information have been released by the Wiltshire based company, but it’s good to see a different type of challenger join the field aside from the existing automotive giants and the Silicon valley style Tesla and Byton.

Dyson have been famed for their specific style of design and their focus on problem solving. With their vacuum cleaner range this problem focused on the ever degrading performance of traditional cleaners with bags filling up and losing suction. With their range of fans the focus was on providing a ‘clean’ air flow, without the interference of the typical fan blades interrupting the air flow. With their hair dryers the focus has been on protecting your hair from heat damage, while being fast and efficient.

The common trend between all these products has been this problem solving, coupled with a premium fit and finish and driven by creativity in the design of their ever shrinking motors and batteries.

This is where the link to the car industry is exciting. Unlike with more traditional manufacturers, there’s a clean sheet to design from. Allowing that problem solving nature to kick in. Traditional cars are by their nature bad for the environment – with fossil fuels burning inefficiently¬†to provide power, contributing to environmental noise and localised pollution in towns and cities and generally over the life of the car this gets worse and worse with a lot of people skipping the maintenance that these cars need to run as cleanly as possible.

If Dyson can create an electric car that makes use of their efficient, compact and quiet motors then they may be able to offer something different vs that of the more established car manufacturers.

A car is more than an appliance.

Unlike a vacuum cleaner or fan, a car is a much more considered purchase. It’s an expensive purchase so it’s much more considered and weighed up against lots of rivals. A customer needs to decide amongst many options, how many seats, how much storage, what sort of range, what type of body styles, what type of power, what visual style they want, what colour exterior, what colour interior, which trim level and what can they afford, through buying outright, or financing or leasing or even using subscription services.

There’s a lot to consider.

Will Dyson be able to pull this off? We’ll need to wait about a year to find out…

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