Subscribing to a car? Not as crazy as you might think.

Back in August, Auto UX collected a shiny new Tesla Model 3 Standard Range+ we wanted an option to try out an electric car full time, in the affordable base spec so a maximum of 240 miles of range, but had worries that this might not be so practical over the winter months where range is said to suffer.

We looked into leasing options, but for the shortest leases available, typically 24 months with a 6 month deposit, we were looking at spending around £550 a month. With our day 1 Tesla £1000 deposit placed over 3 years ago we should be fairly early in the queue but was this the best way for us to proceed? We wanted to see if there were some other options first.

Through a forum post over on Pistonheads we saw our first mention of Evezy, a fairly new start up offering subscriptions for electric car usage. We were intrigued, we wanted to find out more!

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 11.54.18.png

With a quick Google, we found the website which has details of the overall concept, plus the cars you can select from, from the Renault Zoe all the way up to the Tesla Model 3 Performance. The way it works is that you pay one price per month and that includes the use of the car, the insurance, any servicing/maintenance, breakdown cover plus quite importantly free charging via Polar or the Tesla Superchargers. Once you get the car you’re committed for just a month at a time, change your mind and you can return it with 10 days notice from the end of your monthly subscription.

Initially when we started looking back in June 2019 we had our eyes on the BMW i3 which is available for £399 a month which seemed really competitive vs leasing offers, especially with just a 1 month commitment but the availability was marked as “Join the waitlist” so we had some worries as our previous Alfa Romeo Giulia was due to be returned in September.

Having a quick browse through the other cars the Tesla Model 3 SR+ had a status of “Call to reserve” so with about 30 seconds of thinking about it we were on the phone. Evezy do seem a little old fashioned in that you need to call them to reserve a car or join a waitlist, but the process was pretty simple. As the Tesla had only just started being delivered in the UK there would be a few weeks wait for Evezy to take delivery of their first batch but that tied in nicely with the Alfa Romeo return. So we paid a 4 month deposit (only needed on the Teslas) which would come off the following months subscription and started the wait.

There were a few delays, seemingly from Tesla themselves, but as a result Evezy offered free delivery of the car and in the last week of August we finally had the call – the car was ready and it’d be delivered on the 29th August…annoyingly just a few days from the plate change, so no 69 plate for us, but it’s not our car so no worries on the extra depreciation.


We’re now 5 months in and paying the regular £599 a month for the car. Some negatives we’ve found is that you don’t get access to the Tesla app to control the car, apparently Tesla don’t offer the sufficient fleet access for the app so all of Evezy’s cars would appear for all users. Obviously something that wouldn’t fly with GDPR and data protection rules. This means you need to use the Evezy app which offers most of the same features, but isn’t quite as smooth. It also shows you the mileage you have left per month, starting from 1000 and decreasing as you drive, but this doesn’t sync in real time so we tend to rely more on resetting the odometer monthly to keep track. Once you hit your 1000 miles it then becomes 8p per mile and if you reach 1250 miles then anything over that is 30p a mile. They’re keen for you not exceed the mileage as you can tell!

With the Tesla I’ve got I also received the normal keycard to open/close the car, appaently on newer deliveries Evezy have changed it so you can only use their app for locking/unlocking which may be a negative for some people.

So in summary

We’ve really enjoyed the car so far, and having no long tie in is such a nice feeling. If we need to cut our costs we can swap to a Zoe, if we want an extra hit of speed we could upgrade to the Model 3 Performance all with relative ease and just a wait until a replacement car is available. Having the free charging is also a great bonus, we’ve found ourselves

Tempted to try out an electric car for yourself? If you give Evezy a try, use our referral code of 85859 on and we’ll both get £50 off the following month.

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