Upcoming content on AutoUX. 

As it’s been a while since our last post we thought it’s a good idea to share our future plans. 

We’ve got several partly written articles in the works as well as thoughts on some of the latest car industry news and innovations. 

To whet your appetite, some of those posts are titled: “The car buying process, how companies get it wrong time and time again.” “The future of cars. Reimagining ownership” and “Battling for control. The car manufacturers vs Silicon Valley”. 

Just this week the all new Audi A8 has been announced which has a whole raft of interesting user experience elements to pick apart and understand if they’re offering both style and substance, or if they’re yet more gimmicks. 
We’re planning to start adding shorter posts that reflect on current news and events around the car industry and possibly some UX reviews of currently available cars, including the Mercedes Benz C350e plug in hybrid and the first in a whole wave of new Alfa Romeo models, the Giulia Veloce. 

If you have any thoughts on our upcoming content, or thoughts about specific topics you’d be interested in reading more about then please let us know. 

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